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Image by Maico Amorim

Maximise Your Full Potential

Personal and individually tailored performance coaching for the passionate racer.  

About Tried & Tested Cycle Coaching

Our philosophy is simple; we provide personalised, tailored coaching programmes informed by science-based research and modelling of top level cyclists to find the common denominators that help the dedicated cyclist prepare, perform and recover more efficiently. We basically take out the guesswork so you can become fast, faster.

Tour Of Cambridge - Time Trialist - Essex Roads CC - Cervelo P5 - Giro - Castelli - HED Wheels

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If you look at the best cyclists or sports people in the world, they will all have one thing in common; an abundance of self-belief. They are also likely to be surrounded by a strong team of collaborators and are unafraid of constructive feedback.

A fundamental cornerstone of our coaching approach is to understand what drives the individual, what holds them back and whether they have the right mindset to reach their potential. We understand that more often than not it is mental agility and confidence that require the most work. We help identify what your barriers may be and ways you can overcome them.


We strongly believe in the importance of collaboration. Our coaches work hard to build an authentic rapport and relationship with clients, so that the individual feels supported, confident and empowered throughout every stage of the coaching process.

Honesty and transparency are key to the coaching process. We aim to provide constructive, honest feedback to help individuals understand where they are excelling or where they can improve. In addition, our coaches adhere to the highest professional standards in cycling coaching.

UCI Gran Fondo Albi 2017
Picture of head coach receiving an award

Head Coach - Colin Ward

I'm very passionate about cycling and the fact you are reading this means you probably are too. For me cycling is much more than just riding a bike - it's a way of life. Although it can be painful the joy it brings when you are powering along under your own steam cannot be compared to most other sensations. When you throw in the element of competition you have an intoxicating cocktail of wanting more, both the act of cycling and also from yourself. The sense of competition runs deep and is so much more than just a start and finish line. I have been competing for over 15 years and have faced some serious challenges, both physically and mentally. What I now know is that navigating those challenges can be made easier with the help of a coach or mentor. This is why I have decided to open my books and help those who want to realise their full potential. I look forward to working with you.

Below are just some of my achievements which i am particularly proud of.



I’ve just finished my first month with Tried and Tested Cycle Coaching, and can’t recommend Colin highly enough.
He is very knowledgeable and organised, with a holistic and completely tailored approach.

Kirstie Imber

I cannot recommend Tried and Tested enough. Last year I competed in my first sprint triathlon and Colin supported and coached me through the entire process - from the initial training plan through to managing my nutrition and preparing for the event itself. As a beginner to the sport I benefited from Colin’s extensive expertise and knowledge of endurance training and found he was able to give clear and helpful advice at every stage of my training. Colin is an excellent coach - I simply would not have competed in the event and achieved the finish I did without his invaluable help. Colin helps you push yourself in ways you didn’t think were possible.

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